Digital Tank Levels

Sentry uses the Siemens Model 2100 Digital Level Sensor (DLS). This system has a consistent track record of high accuracy monitoring of tank levels and temperatures – regardless of the application. Advanced monitoring technology ensures accurate measurements of multiple fluid densities. The sensors reliability and robustness contribute to a low life cycle cost.

Accurate measurements, versatile applications

Utilizing patented reed-switch technology, the Siemens DLS provides accurate measurement of total fluid level, water-interface level, and fluid temperature. Up to eight temperature sensors can be placed along the length of the DLS for monitoring different temperature zones. Switch placement ensures accuracy without cumulative error. Up to 32 tanks can be monitored with a single control unit.

The Siemens DLS is effective with crude oil, diesel, kerosene, condensate, gasoline, water and many other fluids. It is suitable for production monitoring, inventory control, leak detection, and is acceptable for custody transfer measurements. The Siemens DLS is appropriate for H2S environments, HIGH/LOW alarms and many others applications. Communications to SCADA systems can be digital or analog, and the DLS has wireless capability. Both 16 and 32 bit Modbus protocols are supported.

Reliable measurements

After seating an initial level offset, the sensor will not require any additional calibration. All electronics with the exception of the fuse board are sealed inside the sensor tube, which is constructed of stainless steel, or fiberglass for special applications. The apparatus is intrinsically safe when connected to the internal barrier board, has low power consumption, and is virtually maintenance free over its life cycle.

Informational Downloads:

application-pdf Model 1000 Terminal Unit for the Siemens Digital Level Sensor
application-pdfHHC-1000 Hand-Held Communicator for the Siemens Digital Level Sensor
application-pdf5020 Modbus Translator for the Siemens Digital Level Sensor

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