SOLARPack 410

Say goodbye to obsolete chart recorder technology and bulky multi-component flow computers with the SOLARPack 410. This solar-powered single run flow computer is a cutting-edge evolution in gas measurement technology. Designed for use in remote locations where solar is the only power and technician access is less than ideal, the SOLARPack 410 integrates a dedicated single run flow computer with a solar/battery power supply and a communications system into an all-in-one, compact, easy-to install package.

The SOLARPack 410 provides fast, dedicated gas measurement calculations according to API 21.1. Because the flow computer is incorporated into the product, the need for costly programming tools and integration is reduced or eliminated.

SOLARPack 410 boasts multiple advantages over traditional chart recorders:

  • Paperless data recording
  • Increased accuracy through the use of high precision pressure and temperature sensors
  • More frequent sensor readings
  • Less frequent trips to the site
  • Digital backlit LCD
  • Integrated spread spectrum radio
  • Bluetooth wireless technology enabled interface
  • SCADA hosts such as Clear-Scada and RealFLO can make use of an optionsl integrated 900MHz spread-spectrum or other third-party radios providing a complete EFM SCADA system

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application-pdfSolar-Powered Single Run Flow Computer

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