WatchDog ST

A watchdog barks when something is wrong. Utilizing satellite technology, the WatchDog ST series checks your critical systems 24 hours a day and alerts you when things are not right. Need to check your compressor status, tank levels, separator levels, or other critical production equipment? Just call the WatchDog. WatchDog ST makes web-based reporting easy. View the status of multiple units quickly and easily. With autodial capabilities, the WatchDog ST can serve as the prevention centerpiece of your SPCC plan. Early notification facilitates control and countermeasures and keeps you in compliance.

No external power makes installation a snap. Sentry manages all of the communications and configures your unit before it leaves the factory. Plug and play was never this easy.


Remote compressor on/off
Salt water disposal on/off
Flow/No flow
Tubing and casing pressure high/low
Field ingress and egress indicator
Pumping unit on/off
High/Low tank level
ESD on/off
Submersible pump on/off
Electricity monitoring


Stand alone operation for any location
No external power or communications equipment
Four dry contacts for multiple alarm points
Web display of alarm status
Web history of alarms for runtime tracking
Alarm notification to multiple personnel by pager, text message, email or voice message
GPS locator

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