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Why SOLARPack 410 is Essential to Your New Production!

SOLARPack 410 gas flow computers offer affordable and accurate gas flow measurement, well performance tracking, web interface and historical tracking.
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Monitoring Compressors and Production Equipment to Increase Your Revenue

Oil and gas companies will continue their current trend toward downsizing field operations resulting in fewer man-hours at any one location. Fewer hours to look for and evaluate mechanical problems associated with critical production equipment such as natural gas compressors. Lost production could cost you thousands of dollars. Sentry can help.
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WatchDog ST Helps Prevent Spills and Production Loss

Violations of 40 CFR 112 also known as the “SPCC Rule” cost operators up to $5,000 per day in fines. Production losses and field personnel time costs the operator much more. The “SPCC Rule” states operators need a plan to prevent and control releases of produced liquids into the “Navigable Waters”. “Navigable Waters” cover nearly any natural formation which contains or moves water.
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Bring Your Oil Measurement into the New Millennia

Do your gauge reports show negative production? Are you sure tank runs are recorded? Do oil/water interfaces prove inconsistent? On higher volume oil wells inconsistent data gives you erratic production numbers. Bad data costs you money in lost or unaccounted for oil.
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Be the HERO who Increases Revenue while Sentry does all the Work!

You want to monitor your production. No one understands your equipment. No one company provides the equipment, coordinates the installation, installs the equipment, programs the equipment, and services the equipment without expecting you to coordinate every detail. This means you now have to monitor your monitoring project. Sentry has your back!
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Keep Data Simple and Get Things Done

You want to monitor your production to increase your bottom line and automation companies want to bring every pressure, temperature, level, and flow right to your computer for all your wells! More data points mean mountains of data and before long the expense of data collecting is taking up too much of your time.
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