Why SOLARPack 410 is Essential to Your New Production!

SOLARPack 410 Gas Flow Computers Offer:

  • Accurate Gas Flow Measurement
  • Well Performance Tracking
  • Web interface and historical tracking
  • Affordable Now

Why accurate gas flow measurement?

Keep the gas purchaser on his toes with accurate gas measurement.

Why performance tracking?

You just invested $500,000 on your new well and pressure vs. flow rate is critical to optimizing production, identifying reservoir skin damage, and predicting ultimate recoverable reserves. The need for this data extends well beyond initial flowback. Wellsite information is easily retrieved on demand with FREE polling software.

Critical operations for a Rural Water Pump Station are usually a couple of simple digital inputs such as a low level in the water storage tank, a low pressure on the horizontal pressure tank, low water temperature, and station power. WatchDog ST can monitor all four of these points for alarm dialout.

Why web based reporting?

The SOLARPack 410 keeps accurate data on your new well’s initial performance allowing you to trend the data faster. As the well matures collected data helps fine tune your artificial lift program. Multiple office locations are able to retrieve well data directly from their current location rather than waiting on paper faxes.

What does “Affordable Now!” mean?

Revenue and volumes are high on new production. New wells are big ticket items and SOLARPack 410 pays out much quicker on the front end than on the tail end of a well’s economic life. Unfortunately for many, “Affordable Now” is recognized only after a spill, compressor downtime, or measurement error. Payout is even faster with our new rental program. We cover the cost of communications and web interface while you watch the money flow.

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