Sentry’s custom-designed solutions enable our producer customers to generate revenue from volume discrepancies and notify personnel of critical alarms 24 hours a day about multiple issues including compressor upsets, pipeline ruptures, cut chokes, and freezes. Our systems provide remote access to vital information for all field and office personnel. The result is increased production efficiencies through more rapid data tracking and analysis, reduced lifting costs, decreased downtime, and increased throughput.

Our core products include the WatchDog ST, the SOLARPack 410, Accutech Wireless Sensors and Digital Tank Level systems. We also custom design monitoring systems to meet your specific needs. If it’s on the oilfield, we can monitor and measure it.

WatchDog ST


A watchdog barks when something is wrong. Utilizing satellite technology, the WatchDog ST series checks your critical systems 24 hours a day and alerts you when things are not right.
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Guardian MT

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SOLARPack 410


Say goodbye to obsolete chart recorder technology and bulky multi-component flow computers with the SOLARPack 410, a solar-powered single run flow computer.
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Accutech Wireless Sensors


Accutech is a family of wireless, battery-powered measurement and control tools used wherever challenging telemetry applications are found.
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Digital Tank Levels


Our base system allows your field personnel to stand safely on the ground and and get the top gauge level, water interface level and temperature for each tank. Optional cellular communications to download tank data directly to your office from the wellsite.
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Custom SCADA Systems


In addition to reducing manpower and travel costs associated with managing remote processes, our SCADA systems provide tools for analyzing, reporting, and fine-tuning those processes.
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